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An anchor that accidentally looks like a sword slicing water...

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Well, while you're here, let me give you a brief history lesson on the "Naval Warfare 2D" project.
Of course, since you're not the developer, you're going to want to know more about why I decided to make the game, what I put into it, and so on so-forth.

I originally got the idea to develop Naval Warfare 2D back in December of 2021. At the time, I have not really make a game but rather just tinkered with the Python programming language because I could. In addition with this, I also decided to poke around with a few other languages like LUA, C++, Java, and Javascript. However, I haven't really did much with them besides just learning about how it functions, what it can be used for, you sort of get the point.

When I was starting to think of this game, I decided to opt for Python because I knew it well. However, I did not know of any game engine or game framework that could make my project come to light. Instead, I took it to Reddit and of course, the Reddit community always comes in with the clutch. Thus, I decided to float (no pun intended) with Pygame for the time being.

As time went on, I figured out that Pygame was an easy-to-use framework that is friendly to developers of all levels. In addition to this, you can sort of 'reinvent the wheel' per-sae rather than using something like a game engine where most of the calculations for physics, collisions, and many other things may already be done for you thus saving you the hastle of having to recreate it. And this is why I chose to stick with it.

I have an intention when it comes to recreating this game in the future as I can do better than what I did as of this moment.